Interactive & Digital Signage

You have a complex story to tell. We have a visually engaging way to tell it.

From classroom to showroom, eBrain helps you build amazing, show-stopping interactive applications and presentations.

Digital Signage / Sales Presentations / Retail & Information Kiosks / Exhibitions & Museums

Complete provider of Interactive and Digital Signage solutions

With Interactive and Digital Signage from eBrain you get effective communication channels that are easy and quick to work with.

Our solutions improves customer experience, increases sales, provides an attractive environment, strengthens your brand and improves the availability and service level.

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Services Overview

Excellence at every stage

From the design and conception, to the implementation of the solution, we are experts in turnkey customized projects. We create customized software for our projects, and we use the latest technologies integrated in our solutions

Cross Platform

Thrill Your Audience

We bring together all the integral parts for a successful interactive solution by building gorgeous, highly functional applications for any audience and interact with them using mobile devices, multi-touch displays or RFID/NFC tag readers.

Quickly turn your information or create a completely new one into fun and inviting digital content that users can explore via touch navigation. Dynamic HD digital content that is not only engaging but easy to manage.

Outside-The-Box Creativity

In interactivity only the sky is the limit. This is why we listen closely to your business needs before our experts translate it into strong interactive concepts for your showroom, exhibition, sales team, store or museum. You expect it. We make it possible.

We create solutions for every type of industry

Trade Shows

Supercharge your next tradeshow or event with our interactive digital storytelling to promote your brand and services.

Office HQ

Turn your office space into an interactive innovation center by connecting employees and mobilizing your workforce.


We help dealerships innovate their showrooms to create maximum impact for their brand and to elevate the customer buying experience.

Marketing Management

Customer facing registration and reservation systems

Let's make things happen!

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