Data Visualization & Insights

Get access to Powerful, Interactive Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Reporting

Take the time and stress out of collecting, analyzing and reporting on data from different systems.
Now you can have everything you need to connect your data, clean it, mix it, set up visual indicators, key metrics and KPIs, and then easily share your results.

Leverage your data more effectively, so you can measure your performance, uncover new business insights, and make more informed decisions.

Dashboards Intro

Create Brilliant Visualisations

Outdated spreadsheets and reports are part of the past. Our Business Dashboard gives you live, instant access to facts so you can act faster and make more informed decisions.

  • Maintain full control of activities, processes, customers and sales
  • Get complete status update across the organisation
  • Quickly identify opportunities or gaps and take action

Get Actionable Insights Fast

eBrain Dashboards integrates, predicts and compares all your critical information in one place. There's no data warehouse, so no expensive time consuming implementations. Just fast access to real-time, meaningful insights you can share across your organisation.

Keep track of KPIs and metrics

Top performing organisations are clever at setting goals and measuring performance. Now it’s easier than every to have complete overview of progress.

  • Measure KPIs and track changes for almost any dimension
  • Compare performance across teams, segments and time periods
  • Set targets and keep full control of progress

Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Visualisation comes alive with eBrain Dashboards! Get the power to find the evidence you need to make smarter decisions faster. Our dashboard software combines stunning graphs and charts with powerful, intelligent business analytics so you not only see, quickly and clearly, how your organisation is doing in real-time but you can take corrective actions earlier to prevent small issues becoming bigger problems.

Combine different types and sources of data

Your data is generated everywhere! In spreadsheets, applications, and databases. On your computer, in your network and on the internet by teams across your organisation. eBrain Dashboards brings them all together and present a unified view with your most important data and metrics gained from these diverse sources.

Key Features

Managing your business is easy if you have the right tools. With eBrain Dashboards you can literally watch your business grow by having dashboards display the latest data and easily share your results.


Realtime Insights

View your key indicators and performance metrics, always up to date, any time you want.


Connect and Forget

Import, connect and standardize your data into a single, powerful, data warehouse.


Easy Customization

All the flexibility you need to create new dashboards, rapidly edit graphics, and connect new data sources


Role Based Access

Add, edit or delete users and regulate who can access data and edit or design dashboards

Dashboards for Every Sector & Industry

Government / Public Sector

Whether you’re working on efficiency improvements, reformations, or budget cuts, eBrain's Public Sector Dashboards can help you quickly identify areas needing improvement with an unprecedented depth of information.


Healthcare data has the potential to reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve the patient experience. The challenge is how to get from information to insight to action. Our dashboard empowers everyone in a given healthcare organization to find the right path forward.


eBrain's Education Dashboards delivers greater visibility of student enrollment, retention and achievements across your whole organisation. You can also view and analyse your operational data for effective financial, HR and Governance management.

Other Sectors and Industries

eBrain Dashboards will transform the way you work. Information is more accessible, accurate and meaningful which will enhance the profitability of your property management business.

In a fast moving environment like the IT & Telecoms sector, having access to real-time information is highly valuable and means the information is constantly up-to-date and interventions can be made immediately to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Sales and Marketing reporting is all about saving time, reacting quickly and making informed decisions. Omni-channel retail has its challenges. eBrain gives you agile reporting features to overcome them.

Our utilities power modern life—and produce vast quantities of data. With eBrain's Energy Dashboards, you can analyze that data for value that makes you more than a commodity, whether it’s increasing output, reducing downtime, or improving customer service. With an efficient tool for gaining insights across geographies, products, services, and sectors, you can maximize downstream profits and minimize upstream costs. You can also help clients, partners, investors and the public understand visualize your value with interactive online dashboards.

As the leading graphical dashboard solution for the financial services sector, eBrain Dashboards produces an instant insight into company performance, market opportunities and helps mitigate risk.

It's about being able to gain real insight - from an individual, divisional and company - wide view into candidate sourcing, staff performance and communication. Our HR dashboard software will allow you to provide your teams all this and more.

Organisational Benefits

  • Increased accessibility to information for all authorized users who need it, regardless of their location;

  • Greater Return On Investment (ROI) resulting from more widespread user adoption driving exceptional returns;

  • Enhanced organization responsiveness through the delivery of real-time results improves reaction times;

  • New competitive advantages by delivering real-time information to where it is needed for better results;

  • Increased productivity, visibility and accountability for individuals, teams and the organization as a whole enabling performance improvements to be made at every level.

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